Three considerations to take into account when you choose Medicare supplements and PDP insurance

Investing in the Medicare supplements and PDP coverage you need is essential for protecting your finances in retirement. At Luft Insurance Agency, we can help you find the Medicare supplements and prescription drug coverage you need in Escanaba, MI. 

The following are three considerations to consider when choosing Medicare supplements and PDP insurance.

The medications that you need to take to stay healthy

You might already be on certain medications that you need to take regularly to stay healthy. For example, if you are a person with diabetes or a patient with heart disease, you need to have prescription drug coverage for certain medications.

Make sure that your Medicare or PDP plan includes coverage for the medications you need. 

The costs of available supplements and prescription drug plans

Of course, you may be working within certain monthly budget limitations that you should consider. If you’re going on Medicare because you’re retiring, you must crunch the numbers and work out your budget.

Make sure you choose a health insurance and prescription drug coverage plan that will be affordable to you. While it’s essential that you enjoy coverage for the medications you need, it’s also important to stay within your monthly budget and choose a health care solution that you can afford in the future. 

The health conditions that you’re currently dealing with

Think ahead to the future. If you are susceptible to conditions that require certain prescription medications, you must choose a Medicare plan that offers coverage for such treatments. 

You can contact us today if you have questions about covering the costs of prescription drugs you need.

Luft Insurance Agency can help consumers in Escanaba, MI to navigate the complexities of Medicare and prescription drug coverage. 

What To Look For in a Renters Insurance Policy

Are you a renter in Escanaba, MI? If so, you need renters insurance. Even if you don’t think your belongings are worth very much, the truth is that a fire, burglary, or other disasters could leave you with nothing. That’s where Luft Insurance Agency comes in. We can help you find the right renter’s insurance policy to protect your possessions and your peace of mind. But what should you look for in a renters insurance policy?

Coverage for Your Belongings

Many people mistakenly believe their landlord’s insurance will cover their belongings, but this is not the case. Your landlord’s insurance only covers the building itself, not the contents. Therefore, it is essential to have your own renter’s insurance policy to protect yourself and your belongings. When shopping for renters insurance, consider coverage for your personal belongings. Otherwise, you could be left with a hefty bill if something happens to them.

Coverage for Liability

Liability coverage will protect you if someone is injured while on your property. For example, if a visitor trips and falls or your dog bites someone, you could be held liable. With liability coverage in place, you can rest assured knowing that you are protected financially if something like this happens.

Coverage for Additional Living Expenses

Suppose your home is uninhabitable due to a covered event, such as a fire or severe weather. In that case, additional living expenses coverage will help pay for temporary housing and other necessary costs. This can be an extremely valuable benefit, especially if you are forced to live in a hotel or rental property while your home is being repaired.

With these three critical components in place, you can rest assured knowing that you and your possessions are protected. Contact Luft Insurance Agency in Escanaba, MI today to learn more about our renter’s insurance policies.

Do I Need RV Insurance?

If you’ve recently purchased, or are considering purchasing a recreational vehicle, you may wonder if you also need RV insurance. At Luft Insurance Agency, serving the Escanaba, MI area, we’re proud to help you find the right insurance policy for you and your needs. Everyone deserves the financial safety net that good insurance provides, whether for your home, car, motorcycle, or even RV. We’ll help you work out the minimum required insurance and also help you decide what upgrades are right for you.

Much like standard auto insurance, insurance coverage for a recreational vehicle is also required by law. Every state requires you to have a minimum of liability coverage if the vehicle is to be driven on the road. It is worth knowing, however, that this applies to self-propelled vehicles. In the case of a towable RV such as a camper, travel trailer, or fifth wheel, the liability coverage extends from the vehicle used to tow the RV. This basic coverage helps keep you financially safe in an accident and is the minimum you should travel with.

Contact us at Luft Insurance Agency today, and we’ll help you get set up with a good RV insurance policy that suits your needs. We’re proud to serve the Escanaba, MI area and will help you track down the perfect policy for you. You deserve peace of mind when traveling in your RV, and a solid insurance policy is a significant first step toward protecting your physical vehicle and your future financial health in the event of an accident.

What Are the Biggest Boating Hazards in Michigan?

When it comes to boating in Michigan, residents can enjoy numerous safe and fun activities on and around the water. From cruising the lakes on a boat to relaxing in a private cove, there are endless possibilities for enjoying our great state on the water.

However, numerous hazards come with being on the water, and those who choose to boat in Michigan should be aware of the risks and safety precautions required. If you’re a resident in the Escanaba, MI area, Luft Insurance Agency is here to share vital information about the most common boating hazards and avoid them.

Wear your life jacket.

It is illegal not to have a life jacket for everyone on your vessel. According to the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, over 86% of drowning victims in boating accidents were not wearing a life jacket. Wearing a life jacket is the best way to stay safe while boating–3/4 of boating fatalities are from drowning, and life jackets cut the risk of drowning by over 50%.

Stay sober.

If caught drunk while operating a boat, you can be fined and even arrested. Being drunk makes it hard to balance, see, and react. It also increases the chance of cold-water shock if you fall in.

Inspect your vessel regularly.

In addition to ensuring you have the proper safety equipment like life jackets and a fire extinguisher, you must check your boat regularly for any signs of wear and tear. Ensure you keep a well-stocked first aid kit on board and a radio and flares. You don’t want to be stranded on the water with nothing to help you survive while waiting for help to arrive.

Boat trips can go wrong in many ways, but a good insurance policy can help. Contact your local Escanaba, MI experts at Luft Insurance Agency to learn more.

Things you should always have in your vehicle

Driving opens up a whole world of adventure. Driving to work can be an adventure, depending on where you live. Every vehicle should have some things to ensure that you have a good adventure, not a bad one. At Luft Insurance Agency in Escanaba, MI, we ensure that you have the right insurance for your vehicle. With more than 20 years in business, our team of independent agents can answer all of your auto questions. 

Documents to have in your vehicle

You should carry your vehicle registration in your glove box or a holder on your sun visor. If you get stopped by the police, you will be asked to produce your registration. They will also want to see your insurance card. Always carry your driver’s license with you when you are driving.

Emergency kit

An emergency kit is a must in your vehicle. It should have jumper cables, flashers, and a can of "fix a flat." Having a portable car charger like a Halo is a good idea. Some of the Halo units also have an inflator for tires. 

Spare tire

Your vehicle should have a spare tire. It is vital that you know where it is stored and how to get it out. Most likely, it is a donut, and you also need a tire jack. 

Other important things to have

Depending on where you live, and the time of year, it is good to have a blanket in your vehicle to keep warm if you break down in the winter. Having a couple of water bottles will come in very handy, and a flashlight. Including some snacks, which you replenish frequently, is a good idea. 

Contact Luft Insurance Agency in Escanaba, MI for all your auto insurance needs. 

Choosing the right Medicare supplement for your future

If you are a resident in the Escanaba, MI area and need help choosing a Medicare supplement, you can rely on Luft Insurance Agency. We are here for you and all of your insurance needs!

Finding the right Medicare supplement for your future

It can be challenging to know where to begin when choosing a Medicare supplement. This is a critical decision that could strongly impact your life. While you will be able to change your mind during the annual enrollment period and choose a different type of policy, why not take the time to get it right the first time?

When making your decision, you will want to consider the following:

  • Copays
  • Deductibles
  • Coinsurance

Your needs will vary depending on if you have any other private insurance, such as from your employer, that will remain in place during your retirement. Copays can significantly impact your out-of-pocket expenses, as can the level of deductible that you choose.

Part D covers prescriptions, and if you have an ongoing condition that requires regular medication, you will want to consider this coverage carefully. Parts C and F are not available any longer. Because this is such an important decision, it makes sense to sit down with a knowledgeable agent who can help you.

We can help with all of your Medicare supplement needs

Luft Insurance Agency is here to help seniors and their families find the right Medicare supplement for their needs. If you live in the greater Escanaba, MI area, give us a call today and set up an appointment. And you will need to have Parts A and B in place before you can secure a supplement.

3 Things You Didn’t Know Renters Insurance Covered

Despite renter’s insurance being one of the most affordable types of insurance on the market, most people are entirely uninformed on how it works or why you need it. Keep reading to educate yourself on renter’s insurance to understand better the numerous benefits it offers.

Don’t Count On Your Landlord.

Many renters share the common misconception that their landlord’s insurance policy will cover themselves, their belongings, and third-party liability; however, this is not true. Your landlord’s insurance will protect their personal property, such as furniture left in the unit, and cover damage to the rental’s structure. Still, it will not replace anything brought or used by the tenant. 

Liability, Liability, Liability

Let’s say that your TV stopped working, and you contact a local repair company to schedule a time for a technician to stop by your home and remedy the issue. When the time approaches for that appointment, you start preparing by putting your dog in another room so it won’t jump on the technician. Unfortunately, unbeknownst to you, the technician enters the room where the dog is and proceeds to be bitten. You are now on the hook for their medical payments and could be sued for pain, suffering, negligence, and many other issues. Renters’ insurance can protect you from these and other similar situations because liability coverage covers third-party incidents. 

Coverage For Renters Insurance Is Vast

Renters’ insurance covers the cost of replacing or repairing your belongings from incidents like theft, smoke, fire, lightning, vandalism, hail, and windstorms. Additionally, if you are forced to relocate during repairs, your policy may also pay your living expenses. 

Learn more about renters insurance by contacting the Luft Insurance Agency in Escanaba, MI.

Why Bother with RV Insurance?

Recreational vehicles (RVs) are a fine way to enjoy a home away from home. Many families who enjoy going on vacation trips and adventures turn to RVs. RVs have the convenience of a home while exploring the beauty of Mother Nature. However, regardless of how frequently you utilize your RV, you need a good plan to protect your investment. That plan is purchasing RV insurance. We all know RVs don’t come cheap. And before you ask why you should bother with RV insurance, here are the reasons why it’s crucial to have one as prepared by Luft Insurance Agency.

Liability protection

As long as you are on the road, mishaps can happen anytime, regardless of how careful you drive. When it’s your fault, you could face property damage, bodily injury or worse still, legal costs. Without a backup plan like RV insurance, your finances can quickly dry up. Fortunately, your RV insurance liability coverage ensures you don’t incur any expenses.

Peace of mind

Even as you do your part of being a responsible driver, you never know who is on that road. It could be drunk, speeding, teenagers or uninsured drivers. Instead of worrying about these types of drivers on the road, RV insurance keeps you relaxed, knowing it got your back in case of an unfortunate incident.

Asset protection

RVs are a huge investment. Some even cost as much as a home. That said, it’s only wise to secure it in case of physical damage, theft or any other incident that could cause a replacement.

Compliance with the law

As long as your RV is on the road, Michigan requires that you show proof of insurance. Otherwise, you may incur hefty fines for non-compliance.

RV insurance in Escanaba, MI

If you own an RV, keep it secured with RV insurance. From the benefits discussed above, getting RV insurance is a no-brainer. If you are in Escanaba, MI, and its environs, please contact Luft Insurance Agency for an affordable quote.

3 Common Boat Insurance Claims

Taking a boat out on the lake or other water source can be a lot of fun. More often than not, you won’t run into any unfortunate mishaps. However, on the rare occasion, something occurs, you want to ensure that you are protected with boat insurance from Luft Insurance Agency. Boat insurance in Escanaba, MI is designed to protect boat owners and their vessels in a variety of situations. Here are some of the most common boat insurance claims made.


Significant damage can occur if your boat collides with another boat or object. Oftentimes, boats collide with underwater objects like debris or a buoy. However, collision coverage will cover damage associated with collisions with these objects or another watercraft. You can help avoid many accidents with underwater objects by installing a GPS and special sensors.


Boat-related injuries can occur for a number of reasons, such as inexperienced sailing, strong waves, etc. The individual who is operating the watercraft should be experienced in doing so. In fact, it is recommended to take boat safety courses. If medical expenses are accrued as a result of an injury, a boat insurance policy tends to cover these expenses.


Boat-related problems do not only occur when you’re on your watercraft, as your boat could be stolen from the marina while docked. The same is true for any objects you have on board your boat. Luckily, boat insurance covers the theft of your boat or onboard items. However, to increase the protection of your watercraft and personal possessions, consider installing a boat security system. You should also never keep valuables on your boat.

If you are in need of boat insurance coverage in Escanaba, MI, contact Luft Insurance Agency for professional assistance.

Michigan Boat Insurance – What You Need To Know About Boat Insurance

Michigan is known for its natural beauty and many lakes, so it’s prudent to be aware of how boat insurance works.  Boat Insurance is a smart move, not only to protect your boat but also to protect your legal liability in certain boating situations.  We will cover more about boat insurance and what that entails below.  You can get more information about boat insurance by visiting Luft Insurance Agency in Escanaba, MI.

Boat Insurance

Boat Insurance carries many parallels with automobile insurance as there are similar laws that govern the operation of each vessel.  For instance, you cannot operate a boat in Michigan on a lake or over open waters while being impaired.  The same BAC levels that govern the use of automobiles also apply to boaters while operating in the state of Michigan.  Boat Insurance (much like automobile insurance policies) covers accidents under collision insurance and events that could hold liability for the boat operator.  

Liability Events

These events could be under the guise of taking a couple of friends out on your boat and ending up crashing into a buoy or pier and causing injury to your friends.  If the event can cause a lawsuit due to your negligence, then it’s a good idea to have liability insurance in your boat insurance policy.  

Theft & Damages

Boat Insurance also covers theft of your boat and damages caused to your boat, even if it’s stored up for the winter.  Accidents and incidents happen year-round so it’s a good idea to have boat insurance to cover those what-if events that could happen.

Learn More

More information is available by contacting Luft Insurance Agency in Escanaba, MI today!