RV Insurance Coverage Essentials When Actively Traveling

Getting Your Recreational Vehicle Insured: Guidance for Residents of Escanaba, MI

Getting your recreational vehicle adequately insured is about more than just protecting your mode of transport. It’s about safeguarding your home away from home. Before you can do this, you’ll need to review the type of vehicle you own and its intended use. With these steps completed, you’re ready to get in touch with an agent in Escanaba, MI, for help with your RV insurance documentation.

Understanding the Vehicle’s Needs

First off, conduct a thorough inspection of your recreational vehicle. This can help identify any potential issues that could negatively impact your safety while on the road or comfortable living in the vehicle. Once the vehicle’s condition is assessed, document its size as well as all personal belongings stored within it. This information will play a crucial role in determining the amount of coverage you need, particularly for personal loss—which would cover theft and damage, including those caused by weather events.

Assessing the Use Value

Take the time to work out exactly how you will use your RV. A basic insurance policy may suffice if your vehicle is primarily used for transportation. However, more comprehensive coverage might be required if the RV is also used for traveling and accommodation during vacations. Should you travel with others, it would be prudent to consider additional liability protection. This additional coverage will safeguard against any injuries, financial losses, and other damages incurred.

Reach Out to Luft Insurance Agency

Ensuring you have appropriate insurance coverage in place prevents potential unexpected expenses, giving you peace of mind while you drive or relax in your recreational vehicle. For any RV insurance queries or concerns, contact a representative of Luft Insurance Agency. Our agents are ready and willing to guide you through any of your insurance needs.

Four important resources to take advantage of when you’re on the market for boat insurance

We can help you at Luft Insurance Agency if you need to insure your boat. We provide insurance solutions to boat owners in Escanaba, MI. 

Here are four important resources you can take advantage of when you’re on the market for boat insurance. 

Word-of-mouth insurance referrals

It could be a good idea to ask around among your friends when you need boat insurance. If you know people in your area who own boats, they may be able to make suggestions to you about good insurance providers who could protect your finances as a boat owner.

Online forums

You might also want to consult online forums when you’re looking for the right boat insurance solution. With online forums, you could look up information that boat owners just like you are looking for to meet their insurance needs and protect their investment in their watercraft. 

Marinas in your area

In many cases, marinas provide suggestions and resources to boat owners who are looking for boat insurance. If you plan to keep your boat at a local marina, you should consult this marina for information on boat insurance providers in the area who could meet your needs. 

Boat dealers

When you purchase a boat, you might want to ask the boat dealer you purchase from about what boat insurance option is best for your needs. Boat dealers can often provide boat owners with invaluable information on the area’s best boat insurance providers for the watercraft they sell. 

You can call us today at Luft Insurance Agency for a quote on a boat insurance policy in Escanaba, MI. We provide insurance solutions that can protect your finances!

Is it Time to Upgrade Your Boat Insurance Policy?

Boat owners in the greater Escanaba, MI, area can rely on the team at Luft Insurance Agency. If you’re ready to upgrade your current boat policy or are considering buying a boat, we’re here to help with all your insurance needs. Contact our office today to learn more about the many benefits that a comprehensive boat policy can provide. 

Benefits of a Comprehensive Boat Insurance Policy

The main benefit that comes with upgrading to a comprehensive boat policy is the additional protection that it provides. Some policies also have added features like coverage for at-sea towing and other helpful options. The other major advantage is more robust liability coverage. This protection will come into play when your boat is involved in an accident that causes injury or damage.

Many boat owners also need protection when transporting their vessels from storage to water. Boats stored at marinas or dry docks also need this type of protection. It makes a lot of sense to sit down with one of our knowledgeable agents to learn more about the different types of boat insurance policies available and their benefits.

With some research, you can make an informed decision and determine if upgrading to a comprehensive boat policy makes sense.

We’re Here to Help!

Luft Insurance Agency is proud to provide residents in Escanaba, MI, and the surrounding area with all their insurance needs. When you have questions about your current insurance coverage or want to make changes to a policy, you can count on us. Give us a call or stop by today to learn more about our services.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Three Tips to Finding a Health Insurance Plan for Elderly Parents Needs

As they get older, your parents will likely start to develop some serious health problems. Obtaining a health insurance plan for them is very important. It’s also vital to find a quality plan that fits their needs. Our insurance professionals at Luft Insurance Agency serving Escanaba, MI could provide you with various options in searching for that quality health care plan.

Find out which Health Plans They Qualify for

Your parents could qualify for certain health insurance plans depending on their age. For example, when they reach the age of 65, they may qualify for Medicare, Medicare Advantage, and Medicare Supplement (Medigap). They would need to be permanent US residents or citizens for five years to qualify for Medicare. In addition to this, they will have to pay ten years of Social Security taxes.

How Much Will They Have to Pay for Out-of-Pocket Expenses?

When searching for a health plan that meets their needs, you must consider out-of-pocket expenses. These expenses include their monthly premium, deductible, co-insurance, and co-payments. One plan may have a low premium but a high deductible, while the other plan may have a higher monthly premium but a lower deductible. Examining which is right for your family’s budget is important.

Which Health Plans Cover My Parent’s Provider?

Another important consideration is which health plan covers your parent’s provider. If your parents have a regular physician they normally go to; you need to find out which plan has them in-network. Otherwise, they’ll have to pay more if their doctor is out-of-network. PPO plans may allow them to continue to see their regular doctors.

Find out about your Health Care Options

Your parents are getting older, and it’s vital that you find a healthcare plan that meets their specific needs. Contact our office at Luft Insurance Agency in Escabana, MI to schedule an appointment today.

Can Auto Insurance Cover Upgrades?

There are many reasons why someone may consider getting auto insurance with our team of insurance professionals at Luft Insurance Agency in Escanaba, MI. Some of the catalysts behind getting auto insurance may be for practical purposes like protecting yourself against liability in the event of an automobile accident where you are found at fault or covering expenses related to the theft of the vehicle. Other factors may be more cosmetic or frivolous desires that lead you to look into auto insurance.

Although every insurance policy has terms and conditions that vary, car coverage tends to have some standards that make it easier to predict what may or may not be covered by a policy. For more specialized information, you should always speak with an insurance agent at our agency about your policy. If your policy doesn’t provide what you want or need, you can discuss how other policies may be a better fit for you with our qualified professionals.

Can Auto Insurance Cover Upgrades?

If you’ve recently experienced a car accident, it can be a headache to sort through everything that you need to accomplish and consider. After your car has been through the wringer, you might wonder if you can use your insurance to cover not only repairs but also fashionable upgrades that would enhance the performance or appeal of your vehicle. Although some insurance policies may offer coverage for upgrading your vehicle, many policies will only cover necessary repairs related to qualifying events like an accident. Even if your car has seen better days aesthetically, a car insurance policy is unlikely to cover purely cosmetic changes unless you have specialized custom coverage.

To discover how our policies can protect your car, call our office at Luft Insurance Agency in Escanaba, MI today!

Simplifying Medicare and its Many Supplement Choices

If you’re a brand-new Medicare recipient, you’ve likely received materials about signing up for the various supplements. These supplements can be confusing if you’re unfamiliar with them, which could result in you missing out on the benefits you’re entitled to. Here is a brief overview of the full list of Medicare supplements to ensure you’re making the most of what’s available to you. 

What Medicare Covers

Original Medicare consists of Part A and Part B. Part A covers hospital inpatient treatment, skilled nursing center care, nursing care, and hospice care. Part B covers medically necessary care like ambulance services, necessary equipment, inpatient mental health treatment, and a minimal number of prescriptions. Medicare Parts A and B don’t cover routine physicals, most dental care, hearing aids, and more. This leaves Medicare recipients with out-of-pocket costs, especially regarding prescription medications. Purchasing a supplement can reduce these costs. 

Supplemental Coverage Plans

These supplements can be purchased to pick up the costs that Medicare Parts A and B don’t cover. Here are the various supplements and what they cover:

  • Medicare Advantage (Medicare Part C) – This supplement covers doctor’s visits, labs, and a host of other services
  • Medicare Part D (PDP) – This is supplemental insurance that covers only prescriptions
  • Medigap (Supplemental Insurance) – This is a Medicare supplement provided by private insurance companies. Ten Medigap plans are available: Medicare A, B, C, D, F, G, K, L, M, and N.

Understanding Medicare and its various supplements can sometimes be confusing, especially in the beginning. If you want more information about PDP and other Medicare supplements and want to sign up, Luft Insurance Agency can assist you. We serve the Escanaba, MI area and have provided optimal service to our customers for 22 years. We are a full-service insurance agency so we can meet all your needs. Call us today so we can answer any questions and provide you with a quote. 

Victim of a Break In? Here’s What You Need to Know.

If your apartment has been broken into, you’re not alone. Figuring out what to do after a break-in can be stressful and traumatizing. At Luft Insurance Agency, serving Escanaba, MI, our team is here to provide you with the renter’s insurance policy to keep your belongings safe if the unexpected occurs. 

Here, we’ll look at what you need to do if you come home to find that your apartment has been broken into. 

Stay Calm and Safe

We get it! It feels nearly impossible to stay calm when you realize your apartment has been broken into, but it’s a must. Take a breath, visually assess the situation, and immediately call 911. Whether you think the intruder is still in your apartment or not, it’s vital that you exit the apartment until the police arrive. 

Work With the Police

After the police arrive and take your report, ask if you can walk through the apartment with them to let them know what’s missing. The police will likely tell you whether this seems to be a one-off issue or if there have been a string of break-ins in the area. 

Alert Your Landlord and Renter’s Insurance Company

You’ll want to tell your landlord about your situation immediately and need to file a claim with your renter’s insurance company. Your claim will help you get back what you lost in the break-in.

Reach Out to Luft Insurance Agency, Serving Escanaba, MI, Today

At Luft Insurance Agency, we proudly provide Escanaba, MI residents with renter’s insurance. Contact us today to learn how a renter’s insurance policy can protect your belongings.

What should be included in my Michigan RV insurance plan?

Many people living in the Escanaba, MI area will find owning an RV is a fun time. When you own an RV, you will enjoy all of the amenities that accompany it, including having a safe mode of transportation for long road trips and a place to sleep at night. Along with your RV purchase, you also need to select an RV insurance plan. There are various types of insurance coverage included in a standard policy.

Coverage for Vehicle and Assets

An RV insurance plan will offer coverage for the vehicle and the contents stored within it. An RV is a valuable asset that can cost a lot to purchase. There are also many fixtures that you need to purchase to furnish them as well. When you have an RV insurance plan, it will give coverage so you can replace or repair these assets if you incur a covered loss. 

Liability Mitigation

An RV owner will always take on unique liability risks that ultimately are a combination of risks faced by a property owner and an auto driver. As these risks can be unpredictable, ensuring you are covered is very important. If you do get an RV insurance plan, it will provide all of the support needed to mitigate these risks and ensure you are covered. 

RV insurance has continued to be an excellent way for someone to protect their prized asset in the Escanaba, MI area. When looking for coverage, it can be a great idea to call our team at the Luft Insurance Agency. When you speak with us at the Luft Insurance Agency, you can receive the support you need to evaluate your options and build a policy that will provide the ideal support and coverage. 

How To Keep Your Boat Passengers Safe

If you own a boat, you have a distinct responsibility for the safety of your passengers. At Luft Insurance Agency, we want to help boat owners in Escanaba, MI, and the surrounding areas, make the most of boat ownership. Keep reading to learn ways to keep your boat passengers safe. 

Provide Life Jackets

This is one of the most basic ways you can protect your passengers. Always provide life jackets in the appropriate sizes for all passengers. You might think this is unnecessary if all your passengers are strong swimmers, but life jackets can also be useful if a strong swimmer falls overboard and can’t swim for whatever reason. Perhaps they are intoxicated or unconscious. You can even use a life jacket to help rescue someone who has fallen in. 

Keep A Well Stocked First Aid Kit

Along with life jackets, you will also want to always keep a well-stocked first aid kit on board. You have the responsibility to help passengers who are injured or ill. If you fail to provide basic first aid supplies on your boat, and someone gets injured, you might be liable for their injuries. 

Take First Aid Classes 

Along with providing first aid supplies, it is also smart to take first aid classes. Specifically, boating first aid if you can find those classes, but any first aid education will help make you a better and safer boat owner. When you have taken all of the necessary steps to keep passengers safe, the chances of being held liable for injuries decrease. 

If you want to learn about boat insurance, please get in touch with us at The Luft Insurance Agency, which serves Escanaba, MI, and the surrounding areas. We will be happy to help you today. 

Options you can add to a basic auto policy

Basic auto insurance is determined by what state you live in. It is mandated coverage that every driver must have. At Luft Insurance Agency in Escanaba, MI, we are here to ensure you understand the complicated new laws governing no fault in Michigan. We are independent insurance agents and can offer you more choices and better rates. 

Liability coverage

Liability coverage is insurance that protects other drivers from the results of an accident that you cause. It provides medical care if other drivers or passengers are injured and money to repair their vehicle. 


Collision coverage protects your vehicle from an accident that you cause. It also gives you coverage for hit-and-run damage to your car. It will help to pay to repair or replace your vehicle once the deductible is paid. 

Underinsured and uninsured drivers

You should carry underinsured or uninsured coverage to protect your car from irresponsible drivers.


Comprehensive coverage covers many of the other things that can damage your vehicle. It covers weather events like high winds, hail, or floods. It covers theft, vandalism, and a collision with a large animal like a deer. 

Gap coverage

If you have a new vehicle, gap coverage is a must if you have a car loan. You don’t want to end up owing money on your vehicle after the insurance company pays you the value of your car. 

Rental car 

It would be best if you had something to drive when your vehicle is damaged and getting repaired. If you have this coverage, it allows you to get a rental car so that you won’t be stranded. 

Roadside assistance

No one wants to be stuck in a broken-down vehicle, and this insurance will allow you to call for help and be covered. 

Contact our team at Luft Insurance Agency in Escanaba, MI if you need information about auto insurance.