What types of auto policies are there?

Luft Insurance Agency serving Escanaba, MI wants you to understand auto insurance’s versatility and customizable nature. You can choose to purchase just that state minimum liability and property damage levels, but that provides only protection for the other drivers on the road.

  • Your liability policy pays for the medical bills of the other individuals harmed in the accident if you caused it.
  • Your property damage policy pays for the damage you cause to another individual’s vehicle or other property, such as their home or fence, etc.
  • You can add comprehensive coverage to pay for damage to your own vehicle caused by anything that is not a collision. That includes hail damage, falling branches, fire, wind damage, etc.
  • You can also add collision coverage to pay for damage to your own vehicle caused by any collision. Whether you hit another car or a deer runs out in front of you, this policy covers the repairs to your vehicle.
  • Add Personal Injury Protection (PIP) to provide medical coverage for yourself and your passengers when you cause an accident when involved in a single-vehicle accident, or the driver who is at fault does not have insurance.
  • You can also add roadside assistance to auto insurance that pays for your tow truck or tire change, regardless of your location.

Contact Luft Insurance Agency serving Escanaba, MI today to learn about the many types of auto insurance policies you can purchase. You can include any or all of the policy types in your state minimum insurance. We can help you customize a policy to meet your exact needs and help you amend it when your needs change.

Options for Medicare Supplements and PDP Insurance in Michigan

If you want to learn more about Medicare supplements, as well as PDP (prescription drug plan) insurance, there are a few places that you can go to in Escanaba, MI. One is Luft Insurance Agency.

If you qualify for Medicare, you might be a little bit confused about what your options are. This is why it is a good idea to get some guidance regarding coverage. Original Medicare includes Part A, which is hospital insurance, and Part B, medical insurance. Part D involves the coverage of prescription drugs and is given to individuals by private insurance companies. Part D is classified under the category of supplemental insurance, and it can be on a person’s plan as an addition to original Medicare. An individual on this plan will be able to choose from a variety of drug plans, each with its own list of covered prescriptions.

There are other types of Medicare supplemental insurance as well. For example, you can choose Plan C, also known as the Medicare Advantage plan. Private insurance companies offer it, and there are many benefits to having it. The Medicare Advantage plan will combine the benefits of Parts A and B of Medicare, and often Part D. You can get all of this as one health plan, and you might even get additional benefits as well, including vision and dental coverage.

Essentially, you should get whatever options will cover you the best and require you to spend the least money, given your set of medical needs.

If you are interested in learning more about Medicare supplemental insurance and PDP, you should feel free to contact the professionals at Luft Insurance Agency. They will be able to answer any questions you might have about this type of insurance and give you guidance about what plan you might want to choose.

Will Renters Insurance Cover Outdoor Items?

Having good insurance coverage matters, and for a renter, that means finding a policy that will cover what’s important. Making sure a renters insurance policy protects valuable items is one of the biggest reasons for having it. If you’re in the Escanaba, MI area, Luft Insurance Agency may be able to help. Renting comes with certain types of rights and responsibilities, which means taking care of the items you bring with you to your rental property. Outdoor items might be part of that, and these items need coverage just like indoor items do.

Fortunately for renters, their insurance policies will generally cover outdoor items. This is because these items are personal property, just like indoor items, and a renters policy is designed to protect the personal items of the person renting. The policy isn’t going to protect the structure or anything attached to it, as those things are the responsibility of the person who owns the property. As a renter, it’s unnecessary to cover the building, fixtures, appliances, or outdoor structures like sheds or garages. For a renter who brings outdoor patio furniture, children’s toys, and other types of items, though, a rental policy can keep them protected.

For anyone who’s renting in the Escanaba, MI area, a renters insurance policy from Luft Insurance Agency can be the right choice for a good level of protection. By reaching out to us today, you can get the information you want and need about specific coverage issues. You don’t have to settle for a policy you’re not sure about when you work with our knowledgeable agents to find out about coverage for your outdoor items. We’re here to help and make sure you’re getting everything needed to make an informed decision about your insurance coverage needs.

Types of RV insurance policies.

Owning a camper, a coach, travel trailer, or any form of recreational vehicle in Escanaba, MI is a large investment venture that demands a lot of time and finance into making it feel like home. RVs are an exciting brand of motorized vehicles and dwellings and come with their unique risks. The ultimate way to safeguard all aspects of your recreation vehicle is through securing the right RV insurance policy in Michigan.

Not sure which coverage options are perfect for your recreational vehicle? Please turn to the Luft Insurance Agency experts to learn more about how every RV owner has their own unique individual coverage needs. At Luft Insurance Agency, you can secure spectacular coverage options for the following types of RV trailers:

  • Travel Trailers.
  • Pick up Campers.
  • Park Models.
  • Animal or Sport Utility Trailers.
  • Fifth Wheels.

RVs meant for personal or recreational use can be insured for up to 250 days per annum. Acquiring a salient coverage that you need depends on many factors, including:

  • Traveling destination of your RV. 
  • Time spent in your RV.
  • Whether your RV is towed or self-propelled.

Types of RV Insurance Policies.

  • Medical payments’ coverage: It caters to medical bills for you or others boarding your RV who get injured after an accident regardless of who is deemed liable.
  • Comprehensive coverage: This is a non-collision coverage and will protect your RV from damages caused by perils such as theft, vandalism, and hailstorm.
  • Emergency expense/towing coverage: This form of policy caters to breakdown, towing fees, and other prevailing costs.
  • Uninsured or Underinsured motorist coverage: It protects you if you get injuries caused by another party who does not have adequate insurance or he/she is entirely uninsured.
  • Collision coverage: It protects your recreational vehicle if it gets damaged in an accident through collision with a post, fence, boulder, or another RV vehicle.
  • Liability coverage: It offers coverage if you cause property damage or bodily injury to a third party using your RV. It also covers you against lawsuits placed against you by third parties.

Interested in learning more about what great RV insurance entails? If so, do not hesitate to call us or visit our Luft Insurance Agency offices in Escanaba, MI. Our dedicated team is eager to help you with all your RV coverage needs.

Get Your Boat Insurance Ready for Warmer Weather

A boat can be a lot of fun during the warm summer months. But even when the weather’s cold, that boat needs proper care and protection to keep it running right and ready to go. That includes good boat insurance for adequate protection. At Luft Insurance Agency, we can help all our Escanaba, MI area customers get the quality boat coverage they need and want. If you have a policy now and have questions about it, or if you need a policy for a boat you’re buying, we’re here to help you get the coverage you want, need, and deserve.

When you have a boat, you might consider just insuring it in the summer when you’re using it. But it’s a good idea to have it insured all year round. There are still issues that could happen when the boat’s parked in your yard on a trailer, sitting in a dry dock, or being stored somewhere else. You don’t want damage or theft to stop you from enjoying your boat when the weather gets warm and nice again, so now is the time to make the changes you want for the future. That may include a tune-up of your boat’s insurance policy.

If you’re in the Escanaba, MI area, reach out to us at Luft Insurance Agency today, and let’s talk about your boat insurance needs. We can help you adjust your policy so you’ll be ready for all the fun and adventure warmer weather will bring. You’ll also have plenty of peace of mind when you’re covered throughout the year. Then you can worry less about your boat and spend more time just enjoying being out on the water. With the right insurance protection, your boat will be ready to go when the weather says it’s time to get outdoors again.

How Much Health Insurance Do I Need?

Health insurance is a necessity we all need. At Luft Insurance Agency, our agents work with Michigan residents to find the right health insurance types that meet their needs. From traditional policies to health savings accounts, the agency offers various policies to provide each customer with the insurance they need for themselves and their family.

Coverage For Yourself and Your Family

No one expects to be sick. With the ever-rising cost of healthcare, even a short-term illness can be costly. Health insurance will cover most of your medical expenses once you have taken care of your co-pay. This can be a lifesaver if you or a family member have a chronic illness that requires long-term care and regular visits to your doctor.

Pre-existing Conditions

Pre-existing conditions were not covered in the past. Today, however, more and more insurance agencies are covering them. This gives individuals a chance to get the coverage they need without having to worry about whether or not all of their issues will be sufficiently cared for.

Supplementing Medicare

After people reach the age of 65 and sign up for Medicare, they quickly learn about their coverage gaps. Many opt to purchase supplemental policies to help fill out their coverage. There are multiple supplemental packages to choose from. Discussing your options with your agent will help you get the coverage you need.

In Escanaba, MI, Luft Insurance Agency agents are always available when you have questions about health insurance. Whether you are buying additional coverage or purchasing one for yourself and your family, you will have questions. Get the answers you need by calling the office at your earliest convenience. They can guide you through the process!

Why should I get flood insurance?

When you are in the Escanaba, MI area, you will continue to have a great long-term option of purchasing a home. Those who buy real estate here can benefit in a range of different ways, including helping you build long-term equity. If you choose to purchase a home here, you need to get the right insurance. One type of insurance that you will need to get is flood insurance. There are several reasons that someone may need to get flood insurance here.

Insurance Needed to Protect Home

If a flood ever damages your home, the costs to mitigate the damage can be significant. Due to this, you should always look for ways to protect your home against this risk. Since many home insurance policies do not have a substantial amount of flood coverage, getting a flood insurance policy separately could be the best way to protect your home and investment. 

Insurance Could be a Requirement

Other people may need to get a flood insurance policy if their home is located in a flood zone. Depending on where your home is located, it could be in a FEMA designated flood zone. In these situations where your home is located in a designated zone, your mortgage lender may require that you carry a full flood insurance policy. 

If you would like to get a flood insurance policy in the Escanaba, MI area, you need to get the support necessary to understand your options fully. The team at the Luft Insurance Agency will help you evaluate your situation to determine if flood insurance is needed. If you need to get flood insurance, the Luft Insurance Agency will help you build and choose the right policy for your situation.

When should I review my auto policy

Your auto policy renews either every six months or yearly. About a month before your insurance is due to renew, you will get a letter from your insurance company. It has a declaration page as well as your new insurance cards. You will be told what your new rates will be. Many policies automatically renew, which may mean that you won’t pay attention to the declaration you get. This is convenient, but it may not be in your best financial interest. With almost 20 years of experience, Luft Insurance Agency in Escanaba, MI has lots of information to share with its customers. 

Review your policy when you add or subtract a vehicle

Adding or subtracting a vehicle to your auto policy will cause a change in your premium. You will get a new declaration page, and it is important you look at the figures and makes sure they make sense. Some carriers give a multi-vehicle discount. You also need to check the coverage included for each vehicle. 

Review when you add or remove a driver

It is always good to review your policy when you add or subtract a driver. Some drivers are at higher risk than others, and you need to discuss this with your agent. You may need to consider other carriers to get the best rate. 

When your income goes up

Part of your auto insurance is liability coverage. This is the coverage required by most states, and if you’ve had your policy for a while and you purchased what you were required to have, it may be time to update your coverage to more appropriate limits. 

Reviewing your auto insurance is an important thing to do. At Luft Insurance Agency in Escanaba, MI, we recommend a yearly review. Please stop in or give us a call so we can review your auto insurance policy with you.

An Extensive Overview Of Medicare Supplement and PDP Insurance

Luft Insurance Agency assists the Escanaba, MI community by offering residents different types of insurance policies. We strive to help our clients find coverage that aligns with their circumstances.

Medicare Supplement and PDP Insurance

At Luft Insurance Agency, we believe that having health insurance coverage is very important. With so many different medical illnesses developing every year, it is vital that you are protected in the event that you get sick. Medicare supplement and PDP insurance will help ensure that you are covered as you go through the healing process.

Medicare supplement insurance helps fill in gaps with your treatment that may not be covered under Medicare Plan A and Plan B. This will help alleviate some of the stress that you may start feeling during your treatment. Medicare supplement insurance is especially beneficial when you are undergoing an outpatient procedure. If you have to undergo a unique type of procedure, Medicare supplement insurance is also an asset.

PDP insurance assists you by covering some of the charges associated with prescription drugs. Research your policy to see how much coverage you will receive based on Medicare Part A and Part B. You’ll also have to check your policy to ensure that both brand name prescription drugs and generic drugs are covered under your plan. Depending on the type of illness that you have, your treatment may change. Pay special attention to the enrollment date so that you won’t have any months where you aren’t protected while you wait for your coverage to start. In most cases, it’s recommended that you enroll at the start of the month.

Luft Insurance Agency Will Guide You Through The Process

If you are an Escanaba, MI resident, and you are researching Medicare supplement and PDP insurance, contact our office today! We will help you find the coverage that you are looking for.  

Why do I need renters insurance

When you are a renter, you may not think about insuring your home. Why should you, you don’t own it? The landlord has to have insurance, doesn’t he?  He probably does, but his insurance isn’t going to protect you. It is going to protect him and his building. Michigan does not require renters to carry insurance, but your landlord or leasing company may. They are doing you a favor by requiring it. At Luft Insurance Agency in Escanaba, MI, we have been in business for almost 20 years and have experienced staff to help with your insurance needs. 

Renters insurance offers valuable protection. It will help to repair or replace your personal property if your rental is damaged or destroyed. Not every hazard is covered, but it does cover common events like fire, theft, storms, and vandals. You own a lot of stuff whether you realize it or not, and having to replace it all at one time may not be possible for you without the help of renters insurance. 

If your rental unit is damaged so severely that you are not able to live in it, renters insurance can help to find you a new place to live until you can move back to your home. It can also pay for a hotel stay while you look for a temporary rental. 

Liability coverage is one of the most important parts of rental insurance. If someone gets injured while visiting you, you can be liable for medical costs and may even get sued. This can cost you a lot of money in legal fees and judgments. It can also help to cover damage you or a family member may contribute to someone else’s property. 

Rental insurance offers valuable protection. Luft Insurance Agency in Escanaba, MI would love to talk to you about how this insurance can provide peace of mind. Give us a call or stop by our office for a no-obligation quote.