Why Contractors and Sole Proprietors Need Health Insurance

Choosing health insurance as a contractor or a sole proprietor in Michigan is something that is unfortunately overlooked. Escanaba, MI residents purchasing health insurance from Luft Insurance Agency comes with several benefits that make the coverage essential and investment instead of an obligation.

Preventative Health Care

Having the opportunity to meet with a personal doctor annually or more frequently as needed allows you to develop a solid medical record over some time. Should you have any gradual changes to your health over time, your doctors have the data they need to provide preventative health care and adequately diagnose medications and treatments as they are required. Depending on emergency room care for the duration of your career can leave you without a reliable medical record and inaccuracy regarding your health. 


Some vaccines are annual shots, and others are distributed once or twice as permanent vaccinations. With a health insurance policy, you have access to getting your permanent shot record updated if it needs to be. Also, you are eligible for annual preventative shots such as influenza or pertussis. These vaccines protect not only the person receiving them but also their family members.

Specialized Doctor Visits

For many patients, they need to visit a specialist for one thing or another for a disease or disorder that they may have. With a health insurance policy, this is a more affordable option, and for many contractors, the only way that they can venture to get the treatment that they need. These visits are often much more costly for those attempting to pay out-of-pocket.

Get your coverage today!

If you are a contractor or sole proprietor in the Escanaba, MI area, contact Luft Insurance Agency today to get the health insurance policy you need.