What types of auto policies are there?

Luft Insurance Agency serving Escanaba, MI wants you to understand auto insurance’s versatility and customizable nature. You can choose to purchase just that state minimum liability and property damage levels, but that provides only protection for the other drivers on the road.

  • Your liability policy pays for the medical bills of the other individuals harmed in the accident if you caused it.
  • Your property damage policy pays for the damage you cause to another individual’s vehicle or other property, such as their home or fence, etc.
  • You can add comprehensive coverage to pay for damage to your own vehicle caused by anything that is not a collision. That includes hail damage, falling branches, fire, wind damage, etc.
  • You can also add collision coverage to pay for damage to your own vehicle caused by any collision. Whether you hit another car or a deer runs out in front of you, this policy covers the repairs to your vehicle.
  • Add Personal Injury Protection (PIP) to provide medical coverage for yourself and your passengers when you cause an accident when involved in a single-vehicle accident, or the driver who is at fault does not have insurance.
  • You can also add roadside assistance to auto insurance that pays for your tow truck or tire change, regardless of your location.

Contact Luft Insurance Agency serving Escanaba, MI today to learn about the many types of auto insurance policies you can purchase. You can include any or all of the policy types in your state minimum insurance. We can help you customize a policy to meet your exact needs and help you amend it when your needs change.

When should I review my auto policy

Your auto policy renews either every six months or yearly. About a month before your insurance is due to renew, you will get a letter from your insurance company. It has a declaration page as well as your new insurance cards. You will be told what your new rates will be. Many policies automatically renew, which may mean that you won’t pay attention to the declaration you get. This is convenient, but it may not be in your best financial interest. With almost 20 years of experience, Luft Insurance Agency in Escanaba, MI has lots of information to share with its customers. 

Review your policy when you add or subtract a vehicle

Adding or subtracting a vehicle to your auto policy will cause a change in your premium. You will get a new declaration page, and it is important you look at the figures and makes sure they make sense. Some carriers give a multi-vehicle discount. You also need to check the coverage included for each vehicle. 

Review when you add or remove a driver

It is always good to review your policy when you add or subtract a driver. Some drivers are at higher risk than others, and you need to discuss this with your agent. You may need to consider other carriers to get the best rate. 

When your income goes up

Part of your auto insurance is liability coverage. This is the coverage required by most states, and if you’ve had your policy for a while and you purchased what you were required to have, it may be time to update your coverage to more appropriate limits. 

Reviewing your auto insurance is an important thing to do. At Luft Insurance Agency in Escanaba, MI, we recommend a yearly review. Please stop in or give us a call so we can review your auto insurance policy with you.

Three Tips for Putting My Car in Storage

If you are going to put your vehicle in storage, there are a few things you should remember. In Escanaba, MI, the agents of Luft Insurance Agency can assist you by giving you some helpful tips that will keep your care secure and in good condition. Even though your car won’t be out on the road, you will still need to take steps to protect it.

Check Your Engine

Change your oil and check your engine. Make sure all of the fluids are topped off and that everything is in good working order. This will ensure that when you pull it out of storage, it will be road-ready and set for travel.

Keep It Clean

Take your car through the car wash and wipe down the interior. Remove any trash or debris and make sure that all of the compartments are empty. For an added touch, put a new air freshener in it so that it smells clean and fresh when you take it out of storage.

Maintain Your Insurance

Even though you may not be driving your car for a few months, it’s important to keep your vehicle insured. This will cover any damage that may occur while it is in storage.

Agents at Luft Insurance Agency understand how important your vehicle is to you. Winters in Escanaba, MI can be harsh, so putting your vehicle in storage is just one way you can protect it from the elements. Call and speak to one of the agents today and find out what type of policies are available if you plan on putting one or more of your vehicles in storage. They have the answers to all of your questions!

Getting married? It’s time to update your auto policy

Getting married is an exciting event, and your wedding day will become one of your most treasured memories! But what happens after the honeymoon? There will be logistical changes to make as you combine two households into one. Many people overlook the need to review all of their and their spouse’s insurance policies to make sure that they make sense post-marriage. At the Luft Insurance Agency, we are here to answer all of your questions and help you update any policies as necessary as you begin your life in the Escanaba, MI area.

Your auto policy may need updating now that you’re married

Will you and your spouse keep both of your cars after you’re married, or will you consolidate to one? Other questions will need to be answered when it comes to your auto insurance policy. Now that you are a part of a two or more car household, your insurance needs will change. There are a lot of benefits to updating your insurance policy now that your possessions are combined. You and your spouse will need to make decisions about the agency and company that writes your insurance. You will also want to have a comprehensive review of your policies and determine the advantages of combing your policies into one.  

Creating a life together includes joining your insurance policies. It is important that you make time to sit down and review all of your insurance needs to ensure that you have the coverage that makes sense for your new life.

Is it time for you to take a closer look at your insurance portfolio now that you are married? Call or stop by the Escanaba, MI office of Luft Insurance Agency today and find out more about your current policy options!