Three Tips for Putting My Car in Storage

If you are going to put your vehicle in storage, there are a few things you should remember. In Escanaba, MI, the agents of Luft Insurance Agency can assist you by giving you some helpful tips that will keep your care secure and in good condition. Even though your car won’t be out on the road, you will still need to take steps to protect it.

Check Your Engine

Change your oil and check your engine. Make sure all of the fluids are topped off and that everything is in good working order. This will ensure that when you pull it out of storage, it will be road-ready and set for travel.

Keep It Clean

Take your car through the car wash and wipe down the interior. Remove any trash or debris and make sure that all of the compartments are empty. For an added touch, put a new air freshener in it so that it smells clean and fresh when you take it out of storage.

Maintain Your Insurance

Even though you may not be driving your car for a few months, it’s important to keep your vehicle insured. This will cover any damage that may occur while it is in storage.

Agents at Luft Insurance Agency understand how important your vehicle is to you. Winters in Escanaba, MI can be harsh, so putting your vehicle in storage is just one way you can protect it from the elements. Call and speak to one of the agents today and find out what type of policies are available if you plan on putting one or more of your vehicles in storage. They have the answers to all of your questions!