What Does RV Insurance Cover

Taking to the open road with your RV is the stuff dreams are made of. Visiting all the places you have read about or just getting away to a quiet place to relax is what RVing is all about. Unfortunately, the roads are often crowded, and getting to where you want can be challenging. You want to make sure that your RV is protected as well as yourself. RV insurance coverage depends on the type of RV that you have. Talking to one of the knowledgeable agents at Luft Insurance Agency in Escanaba, MI can help you make the right decision about the types of RV coverage you need. 

RV insurance coverage comes in most of the same types as auto insurance. That means you can carry liability coverage, collision, and comprehensive. Liability insurance protects you personally from the results of an accident. If you are sued because of the accident or required to pay for medical expenses or damage to the other party’s vehicle, you can also get uninsured or underinsured motorists insurance.  

Collision insurance offers coverage for your RV. If it is damaged in an accident where you are at fault, you want to make sure that it will be repaired. Comprehensive coverage will repair or replace your RV if it is vandalized or stolen. It also offers coverage from a variety of non-collision events like a significant hail or wind storm and even flooding. Where RV insurance is different from auto coverage is that you may want to have content coverage and coverage for things that are attached to the exterior of the RV like an awning. 

Protecting your RV with insurance makes good financial sense; an RV is a significant investment worth protecting. Call or visit the office of Luft Insurance Agency in Escanaba, MI to get a no-obligation quote.